ADVANCE Communication Programs by Mike Acker

Do you want a breakthrough in your career? 

Have you reached a limit in your leadership? 

Mike Acker designed The Public Speaking School to help you overcome obstacles and create new CONFIDENCE starting with a deliberate focus on your individuality. Don't wait, see how improved speaking translates to success. 

Begin to advance your communication now.

I started working with Mike to get ready to deliver a college keynote. He has been so helpful and professional. He’s helped me adjust my body language, pace, and cadence to speak as effectively as possible. The most valuable part of working with him has been his suggestions on developing, improving, and tweaking my speech content. I’ve come a long way and am so grateful for his expertise.

Rachel Richards
Bestselling Author of Money Honey and Passive Income, Aggressive Retirement

Since I began working with Mike Acker as my coach, my productivity has increased significantly. The clarity I now have in approaching and successfully completing projects and presentations in public forums has made all the difference in my ability to accomplish my goals.

The strategies Mike shared with me have been simple to understand, easy to engage, yet profound in their impact. I’m immensely grateful for the growth he has helped me realize...

Prentice Dupins
Executive Director

About Us

Mike Acker

With nearly 90 years of combined experience, our team has inspired crowds, lead companies, instructed at universities, performed for the masses, authored books, chaired boards, coached leaders, and consulted for businesses.

Our mission is to turn potential into actual, by advancing people in communication, leadership, and confidence.

Our Public Speaking School runs programs designed to help you overcome obstacles and create new CONFIDENCE starting with a deliberate focus on your individuality. You will see real results in your relationships, wealth and even your health. The School was founded by leadership consultant, communication coach, and professional speaker Mike Acker.

How does the Public Speaking School work?

COACHING:  1:1 on professional coaching sessions.

COURSE: Online and on-demand video presentations to improve speaking, including written lessons with exercises.

COMMUNITY: Mastermind community, of like-minded professionals, with small-group coaching sessions each month.

CONCIERGE: Premium support to ensure your success.